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Bintex Enviro Systems was founded by Suresh Biyani in 1990 and has since been a leading manufacturer of pollution control solutions. Our cutting-edge facility delivers products worldwide, serving Major Cement Industries, Steel Plants, Power Projects, Oil Refineries, Pharma, and Petrochemical Industries.


We are committed to providing the best solutions for pollution control and environmental sustainability.

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Providing best-of-breed filter cloth solutions to industries worldwide.

True believers of the make-in-India movement, we have had decades of focus on bringing all the manufacturing of filter bags and other products in-house. Suresh Biyani, the founder, is an industrialist with a passion for science and a knack for technical solutioning.


With over 3 decades behind us, we are ready to expand our portfolio and conquer newer challenges and markets.

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Our facility in Hyderabad

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